Jo Penn
Author  Romance  Paranormal  M/M  Menage  Shifter
Vampire  Contemporary  Romantic Suspense
Book List

Milson Valley Series

  1. Prince of Cats Claims a Mate or Two
    Keeley Tate is a wary human but he adores his stunning mate, vampire Lord Xavier Dalton. When out of nowhere a huge shifter pounces, claiming Xavier as his mate, Keeley reels. Confused, he runs. Lord Xavier Dalton is a vampire on a mission. Always. He is an important, valued member of his coven and the High Council, he makes and breaks kingdoms, dotes on his little dreamy eyed human mate and allows the big feline to claim him, as is the paranormal way. But the tiger will have to prove he’s not just all roar to capture this icy vampire’s heart. Feline Crown Prince Drake Sanchez is not letting his little human wiggle out of his paws, nor allowing his stunning vampire to pull the renowned vamp chill on him, shutting Drake out while keeping secrets. Both are his. They’ll get use to it, he’s real good at getting creatures to purr. This tiger loves nothing more than protecting, heavy petting and cuddling.
    17 May, 2016
  2. The Avenger Claims His Mates
    Deakin Myers has a perfectly good, though slightly dysfunctional mate, why would he need another one? He wouldn’t, Ran Markson is more than enough for Deakin. Ran is gorgeous, cheeky, so relaxed he could slip into a coma, sweet and just seems to stumble into trouble. And man, does he ever get Deakin hot! When his mate has a little bit of trouble at his latest job and the local wolf pack become protective big brothers, Deakin may have hyperventilated and demanded a lawyer. Sure, the pack seem friendly – too friendly, they kept trying to touch his mate – but they were saying all this stuff about Deakin’s mate actually having a different name, needing protection and that Ran was ill. But then Ran is shot by an assassin sent by his ex-Alpha, a vicious creature bent on revenge. The local Avenger is called in to eliminate the threat and all their lives take a very unexpected turn.
    21 September, 2016
  3. The Coolest Prince of Cats
    With so many new creatures moving to Milson City and the surrounding valley it doesn’t surprise Dominic Sanchez that his work schedule keeps increasing in volume. Mostly he seems to be resolving disputes, smoothing over minor to large offenses as well as mediating. That was what brought Dom to the new vampire coven in the city, mediating between a few parties for a property that everyone wanted. Dom’s job was to stop the verbal slinging – well, as much as possible anyway, creatures sure did like to stir each other up - and aid in reaching a solution. Which he was good at. He was the cool feline prince, up for anything, liked a challenge and enjoyed stirring up others as much as any other paranormal. Chane Taunton was running out of time. He isn't a warrior. He's a monk…well, ex-monk. Of course he knows how to defend himself, but apparently he has no skills whatsoever in detaining anyone. And then there is his brother, Archie, who despite having a coven of his own and a job, keeps following Chane from coven to coven, country to country demanding to know what's going on, spiking Chane’s drinks and placing himself in danger. Dom and Chane’s lives collide on an isolated road when Dom saves Chane from attack. Due to an accident Chane sustained a number of years before, he doesn't immediately recognise the feline shifter as his mate. But Dom knows and sets about to woe Chane, soothing his pissy mate’s many ruffles, discovering all Chane’s many secrets and dealing with his vampire’s very attached younger brother. With an assassin on the loose and gunning for them Dom he has his work cut out for him. Luckily he has a lot of crafty shifters on his side to help.
    5 October, 2016
  4. Interspecies Public Relations Officer
    Luka Charmers, interspecies public relations officer, is well known in Milson City for his cheeky grin, flirting and enjoyment of life. He loves to party, hang with friends and get frisky with whoever caught his fancy. So when his Alpha instructs Luka to follow the fae who are scouting locations for a new home, he's happy to let his wolf out for a run and spy on some eye candy. Until, that is, he catches a particular scent, then he's running in the other direction and begging his wizard friend for a potion. Wizard Tudor Masters had been studiously working towards leaving his old coven and they’re barbaric ways when he had the misfortune of overhearing a Senator conspiring against the Council. Having to go into hiding in order to make it to court and testify, he's traded to protect him from the Senator, Renegades and an insane old vampire. Tudor is fortunate enough to end up at the Armstrong Coven in Milson City where one outing results in running into a wolf, being grabbed by vampires and saved by a fae. Caspar Morgan is in Milson City scouting locations to relocate his fae guild. What he finds is a gorgeous wolf shifter who instead of happily claiming Cas, bolts in the other direction and pretended they aren't mates, and a smart wizard in danger from three different fractions. While his wolf, a very uniquely gifted one, charmed and flirted and kept his distance, Cas’ wizard remains quiet and watchful and smells like cinnamon and ice cream. Cas is a protector and has great patience. He will protect his mates, wait them out, lust after both and put up with Luka’s numerous friends and family who feel it necessary to stick their noses in and cause more chaos than help.
    October 15, 2016
  5. The Wizard's Tizz
    There is a divide in Milson Valley between creatures, one which is threatening to destroy the strong Alliance that keeps the city and valley safe. Wizard Mason Armstrong knows he can stop the trouble before it truly begins, but he doesn’t want to. Not if it means he has to accept his wolf shifter mate, Enforcer Drax Charmers, who refused to claim Mason five years ago. Drax Charmers is trying everything to get his mate back, short of kidnapping. Unfortunately, wizards are renowned for holding grudges and Mason isn’t letting this one go. As paranormal groups take sides and the Alliance is threatened, Mason must learn to accept his wolf once more. But someone in the coven isn’t happy with Drax and Mason mending their mateship and almost immediately Drax’s car is blown up and they discover there is a traitor. The traitor though doesn’t want either of them to live long enough to be found.
    December 6, 2016
  6. A Vampire's Christmas
    Tyler Durand is the fun vampire prince. He’s lively, loves to pull pranks, and has become a strong force within the coven. He has also set his sights on a gorgeous, snappish human. Though all his charm and wooing has gotten him nowhere, Tyler is known for his persistence. The human is his, and no one will stand in his way—not a sharpshooter taking shots at Tyler, and certainly not his human, Constantin Hutton, who seems far too immune to Tyler’s temptations for his liking. Con doesn’t understand. Why would the absurdly popular, ever-cheerful youngest prince keep pursuing him? Is the vamp playing a prank? Whatever the reason, Con isn’t dropping his barriers—not even for the hottest creature he’s ever seen, one that singed him with a kiss and made him ache for more. With Christmas just around the corner, Tyler is going to make this a happy one by snagging his mate.
    December 27, 2016
  7. Falling For Tripp
    After a reasonably bad first meeting where his mate literally shudders in dislike, Tripp Croggen finds himself liking the slightly bad tempered human fate chose as his. While Eddie Nelson might have a few issues regarding paranormals, he agrees to give Tripp time to show that creatures are not all that different from humans when it comes to the fundamentals in life. That they both want love, respect and happiness. The more he learns about Eddie, the more Tripp sees beneath the slight bitterness to who the human really is. Smart, passionate, and caring. Eddie has a dry sense of humor, goals he works towards and keeps Tripp fascinated. In fact, Tripp couldn’t ask for more in a mate. Now he just has to convince Eddie they are perfect for each other, and before the person they didn’t even know was after them, attacks.
    April 19, 2017
  8. Their Grouchy Bear
    Alpha Urian Starters was sure his mate Finn Visióne was entranced. He hunted Tristian La Faye determined to make the creature break the entrancement and never go near Finn again. But the moment Urian scented Tristian, he was scrambling to deal with the fact the snappy creature was his mate. Tristian was a sacred grouchy sun bear with a group of followers looking to him to find a place for them in the world. After being rejected by Finn months ago, Tristian knew he didn’t have a place, especially when Finn, only a few weeks after rejecting Tristian, mated the Alpha of a wolf pack in Milson Valley. Finn hadn’t meant to reject Tristian, he adored the grouchy bear shifter, but he messed everything up. Now he had two brothers loose in the Valley and one planning to kill him, Tristian to hunt down and his big alpha mate protecting the entire valley from Renegades wanting a sacred creature.
    July/August 2017
  9. The Demon's Prince
    When Vinncent Aston’s mate was murdered darkness crept into his heart. Over the years he and his older brother, Avenger Vicus Aston found those responsible and brought them to justice. But there was still a loose end, one Vinn was hot on the trail of. The trail led him straight to his other mate. Vinn vowed to Marc he would find their other mate, but he never in his wildest dreams expected the creature to be Emile Sanchez, a man who is aloof and charming and likes everything in its place. But Vinn soon discovers there is far more to the prestigious prince. Beneath the surface, Emile is bored and feels he is incapable of finding a connection with anyone. He isn’t affectionate. He’s too logical, a workaholic, and no one meets his need of discord and straight talking, until Vinn, a rare, powerful demon with pain in his heart, declares they are mates and sets out to prove it. Description
    August 2017
  10. Macario's Salvation
    Macario Aston would love a holiday, one that took him far from his overprotective, interfering family. He loved them, truly he did, but they wouldn’t accept what was happening. Whereas Mac had accepted. He was ill. Now he just wanted to get on with living while he had time left, and he wanted his family to face the truth. So Mac was going to enjoy himself by indulging in the things he liked. A holiday would be good, dining out, and massages. Mac loved a good massage. And maybe he’d tell the fae where to stick their training accounts. The moment masseuse Fale Taucher saw Macario Aston he knew he’d found his mate. Unfortunately, Fale hadn’t a clue how to let the man know! When Aston security caught him hanging around, it gave him the chance to tell Mac, but convincing the man to let Fale claim and bond them may take more time than his human had left. Description
    August 2017
  11. Shadow From the Past
    When Archie Taunton met shifter Prince Lincoln Sanchez months ago, he instantly knew they were mates. Or thought they were. Linc showed no sign of a mate reaction, leaving Archie to doubt his own instincts until realizing magic was blocking them. He needed to prove they were mates, which was difficult when the shifter sniffed Archie coming and ran the other way! He wasn’t deterred though. Nope. Archie was going to get his man. Linc thought Archie was hot and lots of fun but he didn’t feel the same way. There was also the shadow demon. Linc felt sure the creature was important to him but who was he? Was the demon someone from his forgotten past? Shachar Seymour came to Milson Valley with one objective and nothing would sway him. Not a pride full of felines, an Avenger or a dozen powerful creatures. Except one. A cheeky, social, determined vampire who loved Lincoln as much as him and wanted Sha gone. Description
  12. He's The One
    Tacito Morales was a licensing officer. He did his job diligently and didn’t usually stick his nose into others business. But he couldn’t ignore there was a problem. While in the midst of his investigation dilemma he met Jay Carson. The creature was cute and a little testy. Tacito didn’t do relationships though. But mates were different and he would do the honorable thing. If his investigation didn’t get him killed first. To wizard Jay Carson human Tacito Morales was the one. He got one date and then Tacito dumped him! His own mate dumped him! Jay was so annoyed he may turn the man into a toad! Bruno Surkov walked into a mess. One mate was hurt and annoyed, the other vacationing in the Carribean. It wasn’t a perfect start to a mateship but Bruno had always enjoyed fiery creatures and wasn’t put off by a little reluctance. He’d take them both just as they were.